AAA Corporation
I.T.C. Bldg.4F, 1-8 Isobe-dori 4-chome, Chuo-ku、Kobe、Japan

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企業情報-Corporate Profile
Corporate History
1989 AAA Corporation was established as a trading company in Kobe, Japan. Our prime business model was based on exporting Japanese branded Electronics. As the yen appreciated AAA Corporation took the lead of importing items such as Sporting goods, Photographic items and Luxury items.
1992 As business grew AAA Corporation aimed at expanding business of Luxury items and tied up with major stores in Japan, AAA Corporation became one of the leading Importers of Luxury brand products.
1994 AAA purchased property in ITC Bldg. and relocated to their current location.
2002 Ventured into Internet Shopping Business started internet site at Rakuten mall.
2005 AAA Corporation set up a separate entity to invest in Property markets in Japan aiming to take rental income on cheap properties due to sluggish market.
2008 Opened its 1st restaurant in Sannomiya Kobe, serving the 1st Pork Shabu Shabu in Kansai area.
2nd restaurant followed the year after in Sumiyoshi with area space of over 400sq meter.
2014 Took up Official distributor of the top renowned 3D Printer Moment.
2015 Built its first Solor plant in Fukuchiyama Kyoto area of 3500sq meter generating 250KW of energy.